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September 13th at 7:00 PM

- Fly of the Month - Sucker Spawn -

**Youth Field Days is on August 25th. If anyone can help we need all the help we can get!**

-Tying flies at Field and Stream on Thursday nights and still meet at the club house on the 2nd Thursdays!-

Fishing Photos


June Fly of the Month Winner
-Bob's Bass Fly-


Fly of the month winner


2017 Fruit Baskets


Fruit Baskets Fruit Basket group photo
Thanks to everyone for their contributions and help with the deliveries.

--The winner of this years rod and reel fruit basket raffle is Desmond Foringer.
Thank you to everyone who donated.--


August 25th - Youth Field Days



If you have not been to the clubhouse recently, think about coming out when you can. There are always plenty of helpful people who can assist you with any fly-fishing or fly-tying questions. Also consider presenting a demonstration for the members. Basic through advanced demonstrations are welcomed.